Material Selection & Details

Functional, Durable, Stylish


Our work is not just about visualising, conceptualising and designing. Once the concept is finalised, we will assist you in selecting specific interior finishes and materials.

Decisions about materials and finishes determine how the entire design concept will come together completely and coherently. Each material has a specific characteristic that can help strengthen the design and add texture and uniqueness to the space.

During the selection process, our designers will continue to advise you on the aesthetics, user experience, maintenance needs, costs and prioritising of material choice.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that your ideal space is enhanced by the most suitable materials.

We create with care and professionalism.

What Materials Suit You?


Match your material choice to the space's function


Get to know the materials' characteristics, including their durability.


Pair materials with your design concept in a sensible, complementary way.

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