About us

We Believe Trust Comes First. Always.

Trust takes a long time to build, a few seconds to break, and forever to repair. It is most important in any interior design work. It is also the first thing we create at Space Identity.

Your Identity, Our Expertise.

Space Identity was founded with a passion for creating interior spaces that reflect our clients’ personal identities. We know what it means for everyone to have a place called home, a sanctuary where one can rest the body and soul after a hard day’s work.

That’s why we are motivated to help our clients transform living spaces into personal oases.

Spearheaded by Calvin Tan, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer all aspects of interior designing and renovation services in Singapore. From HDB flats, condominiums, landed properties, offices to commercial space, we bring fresh ideas, the latest design trends and quality workmanship to our clients.

In fact, we are more than just an interior design firm. We are your personal interior consultant – who knows how to incorporate your lifestyle needs and preferences into your private space.


Trust Begins with Unparalleled Customer Service

Our services span from design consulting, spatial and layout planning to renovation and construction. At Space Identity, we don’t just provide a simple layout plan. Our highly detailed blueprints and 3D visualisations are accompanied by material samples and colour schemes.

We believe that excellent customer service, coupled with our deep-seated desire to create the best living, is the key to winning our customers’ trust.

About us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is reflected in our logo—a fingerprint the shape of a house. We strive to create a home where you can express your individuality in a comfortable, refined living space.

Our mission is to create a friendly, worry-free experience for every customer we serve. This is achieved by building a strong, trusting relationship with everyone we have the privilege to cross paths with.
  • Building a strong, trusting relationship with everyone we have the privilege to cross paths with; and
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency in all the works we do on behalf of our customers.

We aim to be the choice interior design consultant in Singapore with a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Our name is synonymous with quality service and accessibility.
  • Quality service that is centred on your needs; and
  • Accessibility in terms of design, information and pricing.

Trustworthy – In an industry marked by customers’ frustrations and disappointments with delayed completion dates, low-quality craftsmanship or unfinished work, we stand out as an responsible ID that delivers our promises.

Customer-centric – Our success is dependent on our clients’ satisfaction. Entrenched in our team is a genuine interest in serving them. We listen, so that we can deliver the best.

Passionate – We are deeply passionate about our work because we are personally inspired by what we do. We firmly believe that only through passion can we achieve excellence in our business.

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